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Boxing Betting Tips

To give yourself the best chance of winning your boxing bet, consider these boxing betting tips:

Once you've determined the chances of whether the fight will end early or go deep into the late rounds checkout the over/under to see if there is a wise boxing bet you can make. Because most wagering opportunities for boxing involve title fights, the total number of scheduled rounds is usually 12.

Thus an over/under of 4.5 rounds with the under being favored indicates a massive mismatch, while an over/under of 9.5 rounds with the over being favored points to a fairly close match.

Betting the moneyline and putting your wager on the favorite tends to offer a poor payoff for the amount of money risked. In a prizefight, you may have to put $400 to $1,200 down to win $100. Betting the underdog involves much less risk. Often you'll be able to get a payoff of $250 to over $1,000 for a $100 bet. However, the chances of the underdog winning are usually not very good. This is especially true if there's a big difference between the plus and minus moneyline.

If wagering on the moneyline, along with researching the boxers, check out the over/under. If the over is favored in terms of the fight going more than nine rounds and the two boxers appear to be evenly matched, then you may want to go with the fighter that's not favored.

Additionally, you should wait until the last possible moment to wager as some development may occur that will tip the fight one way or another. With today's online betting, often you can get a wager down before the odds change.

When wagering on a fighter look for the underdog who may payoff. With the over/under consider the amount of risk involved and try to find an attractive bet. Remember, there are no sure things and going with the favorite in boxing means risking more to get a limited payoff. Wager wisely.

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