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Three Card Poker Tips

Three Card Poker brings together the strategy of poker with the excitement of jackpot style bonuses. In Three Card Poker, a multi-hand variation of poker, you can play up to three hands against the dealer's hand. Beat the dealer and you'll win big. Play Pair Plus, get a pair or better and win even more!

Let's Play Three Card Poker

At the beginning of each game you must place an initial bet on the Ante and/or the Pair Plus betting areas.

  1. From the lower right of the screen, choose a chip value.

  2. In the betting areas, click the following:

    • Ante - until the number of chips displayed equals the amount you wish to bet.
    • Pair Plus - until the number of chips displayed equals the amount you wish to bet.
    • Click Clear to remove your chips from the betting area.

  3. Click Deal. Three cards are dealt to each of the active seats.

  4. Click Play or Fold for each hand starting with the seat to the left of the dealer.

    • Choose Fold, if you have a hand that you do not believe will win. When you choose Fold, the game ends with the dealer winning. You will lose all bets made for the current betting position.
    • Choose Play, if you have a hand that you believe will win. When you choose Play, a bet equal to your initial Ante will be placed on the Play betting area.
    • Do not fold a hand that qualifies for the Pair Plus bonus or you will not be eligible for payout according to the Pair Plus bonus payout tables.

Three Card Poker Rules

Three Card Poker uses a one deck shoe.

If the dealer's hand does not have a rank of Queen or higher, the dealer fails to qualify and the game is over. The Ante bonus and Pair Plus bonuses are paid and your Play bet is returned to you with double your Ante.

If the dealer's hand qualifies, it is compared to your hand and actioned as follows:

Bonuses will be paid according to the Ante bonus and Pair Plus payout tables. The odds that your winning hand pays out are also shown on the table top next to the betting area.

Once the game is over, you can change your bets or click Repeat Bet and start a new round.

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