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Formula 1 Betting Guide

Here are some Formula 1 betting tips to consider before placing a bet on your favorite Formula 1 team or driver:

Study the form
In Formula 1 racing it is common for a particular team or driver to dominate throughout a season. We aren't saying that an in-form constructor will win every race in a season, but under normal circumstances past performance is a very good guide to the future. It therefore makes sense to do some homework, study the form to find out who has been dominating the sport in recent months, and then choose to side with that winning form.

Remember that Formula 1 racing is very much a team sport
Because success depends just as much on the proficiency of the technical, pit-stop and support team as it does on the talent of the individual driving the machine. You should therefore avoid betting on a driver unless you are also confident that his team is in good shape.

Bet early
If you bet well before the day of qualifying then you will tend to get better odds than you will once the starting positions are known. Of course, if you are happy to take lower odds about a driver or constructor then knowing where they will be starting on the grid can be extremely useful.

Consider Spread Betting
Spread betting enables you to take an opinion for the whole of the season but exit at any time. This means that you can choose to close your bet as soon as you have made the kind of profit you want - even if there are still several races that haven't yet been staged. If you are familiar with the potential risks and mechanics of spread betting then this can be an extremely effective way to profit from your interest in Formula 1.

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