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Rugby Betting Tips

Here are some useful Rugby betting tips to consider before placing a bet on your favorite team:

Lower your stakes on International Rugby
Domestic rugby takes place each week which means there will be more reliable form to go on than when betting on International matches when there has been a long break between games. The more form that is taken into consideration, the more confident you can be about a bet.

Don't read too much into past meetings
Although past meetings can sometimes have an impact on a game, if there is bad blood between the sides or if one player seems to exploit a certain team's weakness, too much is often made of head to head results. A much stronger idea of the relative chances of two teams can be gathered from looking at the most recent games each team has played.

Assess each team's strengths and weaknesses
The relative strengths and weaknesses of each team need to be considered whether betting on a match or an entire tournament. Some teams meeting each other will cause a tight low scoring game and others will result in an open high scoring game. For example, the winner of the Premiership is usually the team that concedes fewer points rather than scores most points. This shows that a knowledge of s teams defence and attack should give an advantage in picking the winner.

Wait for good bets
It is important to not get sucked in to betting on too many matches. It can often be harder in rugby to find good value bets than in other sports so don't bet unless something sticks out as being very good value.

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